Freelance SEO Copywriting

I want to be #1 on Google rankings… 🙋

But if anyone is promising that they can catapult your website overnight, sorry to break the bad news but this is a lie!

Google rankings are complicated and take a lot of time, hard-work and content.

I know the importance of making content easily readable not just for your customers, but for search engines too. This is why SEO copywriting is so important! 

Google wants to see your company as an authoritative website on the subject matter you are selling, which means you need SEO optimised content, and lots of it.

That’s where I can help you.

Whether you need SEO copywriting content for your website blog or main text, you need to make sure that your site is being found by the right customers on Google. 

Why SEO Optimised Content is Important

Did you know that 87% of customers start their product search online? (RetailDive, August 2018). Crazy right?


Think about some of the last purchases that you made… were these online? Did you do your research on them first online before buying in a store? Did you go past the first page of Google?

Exactly. If you are not creating optimised SEO content marketing for your business, think of all that traffic and sales that your business is missing out on.

And these numbers are only going to rise which is why you need to make sure that your business not only has a proper content marketing strategy in place, but also that people will be able to find this content.

If you need help creating SEO optimised content or creating a streamlined strategy, get in touch today with me today to receive a free blog!

There is no catch attached to this, I’m confident that you will want to continue using my services.

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