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When you are looking for a new product or service, where is the first place you turn to?

For most of us, it’s the internet. Right?

That’s why having a website that has great content is not just a preference anymore, but an absolute necessity. There is no point in spending lots of money on marketing to direct people to a website that is not converting.

Your website is the best salesperson for your brand and where you should be converting the most browsers. This is where my skills come in as a web copywriter. 

Web copywriting that not only speaks to your readers and convinces them to buy but also is easily readable for search engines is vital. 

Your business website needs to speak to these people and engage with them. This creates trust in your brand, which ultimately leads to more sales. 

Why You Need a Web Copywriter

Be honest, did you have a website built for your business and either let the designer do the content or you pulled something together at the
last minute just to ‘get it done’?

If this sounds familiar, then this is why your website copywriting
is not converting. You could be losing out on hundreds of potential customers or clients. 

By simply changing the wording on your site, you can fix this!

All too often we get caught up in the website design and making it look ‘pretty.’ While this is fun, what is the most important is the content on there. 

Think of this as sales copy. It should be describing the benefits that your customer will receive from your product or service, rather than just telling them what you do.

Unfortunately, most potential customers don’t care about when your brand was established. While this may be important to you, all they want to know is what you benefits you will be bringing them! 

Get Conversions with Your Website Copywriting

The ultimate goal for website copywriting is to get the browser to act. I’ve worked as the best web copywriter in the UK for many businesses, helping them with their direct response web copy.

Not only that, I have a background in SEO and can ensure that all your website copywriting is optimised for search engine optimisation. This is just as important as you need potential customers to be able to find your website in the first place!

If you have not yet designed your website, this is even better. I can work with your website designer to create a site map that not only looks great but that Google will love too.

Ready for your free consultation? Get in touch with me today for more information about my freelance web copywriter services.

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